Celebrating Individuality

I wanted to pop in quickly on this busy Sunday to share this amazing poster and book that my son recieved in the mail for his birthday.  My sister and brother-in-law sent him this awesome gift that shows what a unique individual he really is.

Check out the prototype (names etc. have been changed)

It was created as a custom design by Messare Clips and Design.  He received a poster and a notebook for his birthday, but I'm thinking how awesome this would be not only for a birthday or a holiday gift, but what about a gift for a student teacher?  It would be so thoughtful as an idea notebook.  Or, what about a poster in your classroom for a character you are studying?    You can go {HERE} to inquire about the Custom Design.  The graphics were amazing and high quality.  It was a perfect way to give something with flare!
Have a great weekend!!

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