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Good morning!  I was up fairly early today pouring over a few of my favorite blogs via Bloglovin', and read about this great link up party via Primary Powers.  My friend Kim over at the Finding Joy in 6th Grade (great gal... great blog... go follow her if you aren't) was sharing how hard it is to pick just one word.  How you have to mull it over a little and think about how it will stay with you.  Last year, my one word was easy:  FAITH.  I knew there would be a lot of changes for my family in 2014.  We would be living in a new state, with new jobs, and a new home, new schools.  I needed Faith a lot in 2014 with all those life changes.  Now in 2015, I've had to think a little differently about my new word.  It's had to roll around a little in my head.  What do I want to accomplish this year?  What will settle me when stress wants to take over?  Here is what I think will stick with me this year:

I've listened to The Secret and The Power while making my morning commute to work in December.  I know that some people think it's hokey, and a pile of junk, but it came into my life at a time when I needed something to grab on to.  With the stress of holidays, EQTs for my own children, and my husband up to his ears in Marching Band- Bowl Game planning, I needed something to set my soul for the day, and these books did the trick.  I found myself waking in the morning and projecting gratitude outward into my life.  Thanking the universe for the health of my family, and the love I had for them.  Thanking the universe for the prosperity of my TpT store and the abundance of success I was having at school with my class.  And, well, it came back to me.  Here is one example:
If you read about my crazy December {HERE} you know that I took my daughter to New Orleans to play in Tuba Christmas in Jackson Square.  The rehearsal was at Loyola University.  No problem getting there, great parking spot up front, beautiful area.  I had to ask someone how to get to the French Quarter.  A mom who was there waiting for her husband and son started to give me directions, then realized they had changed some of the street names.  Because her family was already going to be heading down there, she jumped in the car WITH ME.. gave me directions to get to the French Quarter, showed me where to park, invited my family to eat lunch with her and her family, and kept track of where we needed to be in Jackson Square.  Random Act of Kindess?  You bet!  But I firmly believe it was because I projected gratitude and kindness out into the world, that when I NEEDED it, it returned to me.
Ok... I'm done.. THAT was a lot for ONE. LITTLE. WORD..
but hey, if you are at a crossroad, and need a little nudge, then maybe my story will help you!
Happy New Year!

December Review: Camellia Bowl and the Dr. Who Geek in Me

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

December has been a crazy month!  I'm guessing you can figure that out by my lack of posting.
My Smarties were busy with all kinds of fun and celebrations this year.  We start band in sixth grade, so this year was extra special with their first concert.  They wanted to perform for their peers so we did an impromptu concert in our quad.  I got to play band conductor... good thing I married one, and somewhat know what I'm doing... NOT!

We also somehow managed to get a free Sunday, AND it also happened to be Tuba Christmas in NOLA! We did a quick road trip so my "24" could play in Jackson Square.  Check out this fun video.

Of course, the day would not be complete without a trip to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

We started our Christmas vacation with a weekend trip to the inaugural Camellia Bowl in Montgomery.  It was a rainy parade and pep rally, but it didn't stop me from scooping up these awesome Post-It Notes that they were throwing out in the parade.  Once a teacher, always a teacher.

The Camellia Bowl was a great time.  That is a nice perk to my hubby's new job.  Go Jags!
I loved this show because I am a big Dr. Who Fan.  My hubs wrote the Tardis onto the field.  It appears, disappears and then appears again.  Very Cool.

Check out their halftime Sci Fi Show opener:

Event though it was a tough loss, the game was really exciting, and I know our  Jags will be pumped for next year.

 I'm looking forward to spending a little time with friends and family over the next few weeks off.  I've got to catch up some blog reading, and blogging in general.

How do plan to spend your vacation?


Products That Will Save My Sanity this Holiday Season!

I LOVE the Thanksgiving holiday break.  I get a chance to relax with family, and rest before the three weeks of Festivus Frenzy!
I always like to make the weeks before Christmas as smooth as possible.  My class is reved up, and honestly everyone is busy.  I have Christmas concerts to attend, presents to buy, a house to decorate, and a classroom to control.
I have a few products that I use to help make the season festive and fun, and save my sanity.
In small group reading work I love my Gingerbread Cookie Survival Kit.  It uses The Gingerbread Boy, The Gingerbread Baby, and The Gingerbread Girl.  Students make character inferences and compare/contrast the paired texts, complete a sequencing activity, and work in a little alliteration.  Students also have the option of completing a persuasive writing activity.  They can create a Gingerbread Cookie Survival catalog where they create an item that will help keep the cookie safe from being eaten during the holidays.  I love using these activities with my students who are struggling with character traits and writing.

I also love to use my Christmas Figurative Language Cards in Word Work Centers.  We've worked our way through the Figurative Language featured in the cards, so these are a great review for them. Plus, how can you not LOVE the tangled moose!
Finally, in Math I'm going to pull out my Jingle, Jangle 'Round the Hundreds Board.  This is a new series of Math Riddles that I've created.  I've really tried to differentiate these Task Cards.  Students who still need a visual use the Hundreds Chart and start at the first Task Card.  Those who can handle it don't use the Hundreds Chart and just use mental math.  My students LOVE using these cards when we have small group math.  I can't wait to see their faces!

Don't forget that the TpT Sale has started today, and you can get 28% off of all of the above products by using the promo code TPTCYBER.  My entire store is on sale, and I have a ton of fun math and ELA products that will help make teaching a little easier while you balance the busy-ness of home.

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