13 in 13 {Linky Party}

Can you believe that 2013 is almost over?  It is amazing to me that this year has gone by so quickly. There are so many things that have happened.  I'm taking a few minutes to link up to this fun Year in Review linky party before I start thinking about goals for next year.

13)  Favorite Article of Clothing:  I'd have to say my favorite item at the moment is a recent Christmas present: my Syracuse rugby shirt.  I can't wait to wear this to the upcoming Cuse basketball games.  I also love the new scarf my sister knit for me.  It is this really cool orangey red color.  It will be perfect for winter weather!

12) Favorite Movie:  I woud have to say Despicable Me 2.  I didn't spend much time at the movies this year, but I always get a laugh from the minions.  I love the one I currently have as my phone wallpaper: Cuse Minion!
11) Favorite TV Series:
I don't watch a ton of television, but this year I have liked watching Nashville and Modern Family.  I also just started watching Downton Abbey which is a pretty good one too!

10) Favorite Restaurant:  This one hasn't changed from last year.  I'm still partial to this crazy, artsy pizza joint that thinks it's a junkyard in Gainesville, Florida called Satchels.  I  don't get there very often, but I love it when I visit.  Besides awesome pizza, they have this funny shop in the back which sells all kinds of weird things.  This summer I found this:
I mean seriously.. WHO thinks of these things!  This place is a middle school teacher's brain in a one stop shop! 
9) Favorite New Thing I've Tried:  Twitter!  I was really using it for PLN in the summer, but I haven't been on it as much since school started.  You can join me at @mcphlips00 if you want to see what we've been talking about.
8) Favorite Gift that I Got:  Ok... I totally got an awesome gift this year from my hubby who has been spending too much time reading the SkyMall magazine on his trips lately.
Enter my awesome new "wand" for my classroom!  You can set it up to follow any remote control, so when I go back to school I am going to program it for my Smartboard remote. You can click on the picture for a link to Amazon to read more about it.  It totally shows my INNER GEEK!

7)  Favorite Thing You Pinned:
This really has nothing to do with my classroom, but I love how these scarves are organized.  Mine are always all over the place, and I thought the idea of using a tension rod was awesome.

6) Favorite Blog Post:  My reader's favorite post is about the Integer's and Coordinate Grid Foldable that I created.  You can read about it {HERE}
My favorite blog post is the lab about Surface Area and Volume that I blogged about last May.  My class really liked doing this lab.  It was really interesting to watch them practice making nets and finding Surface Area with objects that I found.  You can read more about it {HERE}

5) Best Accomplishment:  Managing my household and a full time job while my hubs finishes his doctoral program are enough of an accomplishment for me!

4) Favorite Picture: Wow.. there are so many to choose from... I really would have a hard to time picking just one.  I like this family photo that we recently took, although my hubs is not too fond of it:
I also love this one from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I had to chance to go to the parade this year.  It was on my bucket list!
This is one of my favorite school photos:  It is from our Egyptian Tomb.
3) Favorite Memory:  There are tons of memories from this year, but one of my favorites is from the summer when I was in Orlando.  I had a chance to meet up with some pretty awesome bloggy friends at Downtown Disney for lunch. 
These ladies are pretty wonderful, and I am very, very grateful for all of my BBBs that I have gotten to know this year.  Visit their blogs if you get a chance, I know you will walk away with a ton of ideas.  These ladies are pretty creative.  Gina blogs at Beach Sand and Lesson Plans,  Natalie is Being The Queen Bee Isn't Easy, and Joanne is Head Over Heels for Teaching.  
2) Goal for 2014: I think I need to spend a little bit of time reflecting on some realistic goals for 2014, but one that I know of right now is that I am going to comment more on people's blog posts.  I think as teachers when we read each other's blogs it is helpful to let the writer know that what they said somehow connected to you as a reader and fellow teacher.  Even if it is a quick laugh that you got, or something that made you look at curriculum in a different way, I think it is important to validate each other as writer's and professionals.
1) One Little Word:  FAITH... I'm not sure what 2014 will have in store for me, but I am expecting some changes as my hubs finishes his doctoral program.  I just have to lean back and enjoy the ride!

Stop by and visit the lovely ladies above and link up to share your 13 in 13 reflections.  Be sure to leave a little feedback as you visit each other!


  1. I enjoyed reading your 13 in 13. Your family is amazing and managing a family and full time job is certainly an accomplishment in my book as well. I hope your 2014 is fabulous and that faith takes you through anything that comes your way.

  2. I love the wand! How fun to get to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving parade! I think that holding down the fort while your husband finishes his doctorate is a wonderful accomplishment. Great post!

  3. Enjoyed reading about your year! I am so need that wand! How fun!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  4. I loved reading about your year.....it seems you have lots of great memories! Here is to a wonderful 2014!

    Mind Sparks

  5. I have INNER GEEK too! :) Love the pictures of your family. Your daughter looks a lot like you!

    Happy New Year!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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