So Long September!

WoW!  I can't believe that this is the last day of September.  This month has completely FLOWN by.  There are still so many things I am adjusting to, that this little 'ole blog has just completely been ignored.  I'm so sorry about that!  I'm going to make a much better effort to blog a little more regularly!  Stick with me. :)
Here is a quick recap of my September:
My Little Man and I both celebrated birthdays in September:
I love the card my hubby found for him.  It contained a tattoo that says I <Heart> My Parents.  I tried to get him to wear it to the first football game but he refused.  Such is the life of a 12 year old!
Speaking of football:
We celebrated my husband's new job this month by attending our first football game as USA Jaguars. 
At school we celebrated September 11th, and reviewed Story Elements and really got into Figurative Languge and Inferences with Chirs Van Allsburg's books.  The Stranger is one of my favorite stories to read for inferences.  We also worked on inferences with The Widow's Broom.  It was a great introduction to personification as well.  <Books below are linked to Amazon>
The Widow's Broom is a perfect way to end September and flow into October.  My kids LOVE to ready creepy stories this time of year, and this just got them right in the groove!
In Math we worked our way through Numeric and Algebraic Expressions.  As many of you know I use interactive notebooks, so I tried out a few new items including this expressions sort.  
I'm fixing a few things, but I'm hoping have them up in my store soon.  There will be three new foldables for expressions including order of operations, numeric and algebraic expressions.
They will also be part  of my Algebraic Expressions and Equations Bundle.  If you buy this product now, you get all of the future downloads for free.  Go {HERE} to check it out, and I will notify you when the new foldables are added.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me, and letting me catch up on this crazy month!


  1. Hey!!! You sound like me...I feel like I have neglected all social media. September is just SO busy and crazy! I LOVE the Chris Van Allsburg books you use. I always use Widow's Broom around Halloween. Kids love it! You look like you're settling into your new place. Hope all is well!!

  2. I LOVE the Widow's Broom too! When I read it to the kids, we turn out the lights and I add sound effects. (Not sure if it's more entertaining for them or for me!)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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