Interactive Lessons for Number Sense using a 100s Board

I love interactive math lessons!  I love when my students are so involved that the hour I spend teaching math goes by in an instant!  I love when they DON'T WANT TO STOP learning and practicing math!
First, I want my students to be familar with the hundreds board, and how it works.  I copy a hundreds chart and we use it in our Interactive Notebooks.  Then we Hop' Round the Hundreds Board.  Basically I give them a series of 4-6 directions and they move a bingo chip, or their finger around the board following the pattern I've established.  The cards basically look like this:
I start out super easy, using only addition and subtraction operations.  I want them to learn to listen, since I will not repeat my directions.  I also want to practice our Talk Moves, one of which is Wait Time.. for both them and ME!
Next, I up the anty and include directions that involve all four operations, and words that could be used with them.
Finally, I include phrases that contain math language such as squared, cubed, sum of the digits, product of the digits etc., to really get them thinking.
After each activity we continue with our Talk Moves, and discuss how people "got around the board." Even in sixth grade, I still have students who don't recognize that the numbers on the board go up by 10s, and they count up 17 spaces singly.
I love this type of activity because everyone is engaged in the puzzle.  After we play it as a whole group, I put Task Cards in my Math Rotation for them to play on the Smartboard.
My cuties have been so excited over these riddles, they are even making up their own to stump the class!

When every group has gone through a math center rotation, I pull the game out when we have 5 or 10 minutes and we are waiting on something.  Since the hundreds chart is already in the math notebook, it is easy to grab and go!
This activity is a perfect set up for looking at prime factorization and then on to GCF and LCM. It is also great to review common operations terms, exponents and prime numbers.
If you are interested in this activity, and want something quick to use, you can go {HERE} and find a set of 30 differentiated task cards.  There is also a set that is not themed for Fall {HERE}.
Let me know a few ways you use the hundreds board with "Big Kids" and how you keep things interactive!

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