December Review: Camellia Bowl and the Dr. Who Geek in Me

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

December has been a crazy month!  I'm guessing you can figure that out by my lack of posting.
My Smarties were busy with all kinds of fun and celebrations this year.  We start band in sixth grade, so this year was extra special with their first concert.  They wanted to perform for their peers so we did an impromptu concert in our quad.  I got to play band conductor... good thing I married one, and somewhat know what I'm doing... NOT!

We also somehow managed to get a free Sunday, AND it also happened to be Tuba Christmas in NOLA! We did a quick road trip so my "24" could play in Jackson Square.  Check out this fun video.

Of course, the day would not be complete without a trip to Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

We started our Christmas vacation with a weekend trip to the inaugural Camellia Bowl in Montgomery.  It was a rainy parade and pep rally, but it didn't stop me from scooping up these awesome Post-It Notes that they were throwing out in the parade.  Once a teacher, always a teacher.

The Camellia Bowl was a great time.  That is a nice perk to my hubby's new job.  Go Jags!
I loved this show because I am a big Dr. Who Fan.  My hubs wrote the Tardis onto the field.  It appears, disappears and then appears again.  Very Cool.

Check out their halftime Sci Fi Show opener:

Event though it was a tough loss, the game was really exciting, and I know our  Jags will be pumped for next year.

 I'm looking forward to spending a little time with friends and family over the next few weeks off.  I've got to catch up some blog reading, and blogging in general.

How do plan to spend your vacation?

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