My First Stitch Fix-- A Fun Way to Shop

In late November as a present to myself for an amazing month on TpT, I gifted myself with a Stitch Fix box.  I am NOT a shopper.  Seriously,  I get HIVES if I'm in the store too long.  I am very grateful that I have sisters who love to shop or I would never have any new clothes.  I've read about several bloggers who were checking out Stitch Fix, and I figured I would give it a try.  There is a $20 fee when you schedule  a fix, and if you purchase any of the items, the $20 is deducted from the cost.  Shipping and returns are at no cost to you.

I logged into Stitch Fix and set up a Style Profile.   I was really looking for casual weekend clothes.  Apparently the South doesn't wear yoga pants and hoodies on the weekend!  I'm not that big into fur, or animal prints, or leather or big flowery patterns.  But guess what!  I could tell them all of my likes and dislikes from the privacy of my own home computer.  I'm pretty nonconfrontational.  Sometimes my sisters buy me things that I never wear because I can't tell them I don't like them. <EEK> #introvert.  But on the computer profile I could be honest because I could TYPE and not TALK about my likes.
After spending about a half hour filling out the profile, which seemed like a long time for me, but again, not a clothes person, #agonizesovereverythingIwear, I was set up and ready to roll.  My Fix arrived in early December, and well friends, this may just be the shopping for me!
Here is a look at what I got in my fix:
#1:  Colby Houndstooth Print Infinity Scarf (Look By M)

I LOVED THIS!!  But alas, I didn't purchase it.  NOT because I didn't LOVE it, but because, well, in Alabama I won't wear a scarf that is so thick.  If I was still living in NY, this would have been a keeper.
#2:  Ivy Abstract Floral Print Blouse (41Hawthorn)

I LOVED this blouse.  It was navy with orange flowers, two of my favorite colors.  This is a perfect work shirt.  Definitely a keeper.
#3: Sherwood Faux Leather Detailed Cardigan (41Hawthorn)

Ummmm... Faux Leather?  Not for me.  I didn't even take a picture of myself wearing it.   This cardigan was open and flowy in the front, but if felt really big on me, and well, I like things more structured. Outcome-- Return
#4 Ferris Mixed Material Collared Blouse (Skies Are Blue)

This was my favorite shirt in the box.  The simple black style and open collar were a perfect style for me.  My kids liked this shirt the best too.  I can see myself wearing this to both school and on the weekends when these lovely Southern women I'm becoming friends with make me get out of my yoga pants and hoodie. ;)
#5:  Reggie Skinny Jean (Henry & Belle)

These jeans were pretty good.  I'm wearing them in the picture above.  I liked the way they looked on my legs, but I thought they were too low rise.  I'm not usually a skinny jeans girl, more of a bootcut, but I asked to try a few different styles since I'm on the hunt for that really great pair of jeans.

My overall thoughts?  I think Stitch Fix is pretty cool.  Especially if you are introvert like me about shopping.  All the work was done for me!  This being my first fix I think it's pretty great I picked 2 of the 5 pieces, and the scarf, well that would have been the third one if I didn't live in the hot weather.
I can't wait to get my next Fix which is scheduled for the end of the month.  I think I love shopping from the comfort of my home!

Have you ever gotten a Stitch Fix box?  Are you interested in checking it out?  You can go {HERE} and sign up through my affiliate link if you are interested in checking this out.


  1. Loved the things you kept! Glad you liked it! It's definitely a fun surprise each month. :)

  2. That scarf was sooo beautiful! It would be perfect for me up here in Canada! You made excellent choices. Enjoy your Sunday!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Sounds interesting, but what were the prices? I also like to get a good deal! Do they sell shoes too?

  4. I love Stitch Fix. I signed up this summer and have received four fixes. It's an awesome way to shop!!

    Mind Sparks


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