Squared Away on a Sunday: Testing and Surface Area Lab (FREEBIE)

Anyone else have the Sunday night blues?  I don't usually have regrets about starting back to school on Monday mornings, but this is testing week for my Smarties.. and well I'm a big fan!  I think part of this is because I have to give a new test in a new state this year, and I don't know what to expect.  Eveyone is our district has been uptight about test administration, so I don't know what to expect!  We are testing Monday-Wednesday this week, so I wanted to plan a few fun things to do once we are finished.
In ELA we are going to watch Wall E and work a little on our CCSS standard for media comparision.  We are going to work on character traits, theme and symbolism within a science fiction genre.  This lesson is courtesy of my good friend Erin at I'm Lovin Lit.  She is so put together!  It is in her Spring ELA Bundle.
In Math I'm going to continue with Surface Area by doing a measurement lab with my students.  I gathered together boxes of rectangular prisms and pyramids, laminated them, and cut them into nets.  We are going to use our handy dandy measuring tapes courtesy of IKEA to measure and find the surface area.  You can find the Surface Area Freebie I made {HERE} if you need something.  

In Science we are going to use our Board Builders program to create projects on the Planets in the Solar System.  We have a huge grassy playground so we are always going to measure the distance of the planets if it stops raining long enough!
I'm going to use this awesome clipart from Messare Clips and Design to create planet signs.  

So, what have you Squared Away this Sunday?  Any fantastic plans for the week that I should know about?

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