Reading Comprehension with Bloom Balls

During the school year we read Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher.  As a way to culminates the novel and review skills for our state assessment we created Bloom Balls.

A Bloom Ball is a 3D project that challenges students to use all of the levels of Bloom's taxonomy.  My Smarties L-O-V-E-D this project!  They had so much fun making each section and talking to each other about favorite parts, character traits, and themes.
This Novel Bloom Ball is a series of 12 circles.  Students create the ball by writing 12 different activities based on the novel.  The questions ask students to discuss the setting, character traits, symbolism, theme, make connections between the book and other text, draw pictures, and look critically at vocabulary. You can make the sections whatever you need them to be, and on what ever topic your students are studying.  They can be fiction or nonfiction, author study, biography, you name it.  This project is so versatile.  Take a look at the pictures below of my student projects, and consider adding this to your "TO-DO LIST" for the next year.

I'm sure students could create amazing projects based on summer reflections or as an All About Me project for Back to School! If you are interested in a Novel Study- Book Report Bloom Ball project, you can go {HERE}.


  1. I want to make a Bloom Ball!!! Did you make this...can I purchase it? I want...I want!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Yes, I also would love the how-to's of this creative idea :)

  3. What were the different activities you had them do? Looks great!

  4. I came across your project through Pinterest. Just like the other teachers, Is there a pattern or step by step directions to make one? Let me know!!

  5. I will begin a new novel when we return from break. I wonder if you would share with me your rubric or guide line/lesson plan on what each of the 12 patterns the students were to include information on.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with me and helping me to get started. Eve

  6. PLEASEEE The pattern!! The pattern!!!!

  7. I would love the lesson plan for this. Are you selling it??

  8. I have posted the project in my TpT store. It includes the 12 items I asked my students to write and reflect about, the template, and a rubric. It can be used with ANY book. Check the bottom of my post for the link.


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