Thankful Five for Friday

Happy Post Turkey Day my friends!  Are you still in your jammies sipping coffee?  Or did you head out with the masses for a little Thrill of the Hunt Black Friday Shopping?
I headed out early with my family and a strong 'cuppa Joe to people watch and let my youngest enjoy his first Black Friday experience.  We made these great t-shirts to wear... so fun!

Meanwhile, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share a little Five for Friday!

1) Before I left last week we worked on finishing up out unit on Independent and Dependent variables.  I'm really proud of my students with this unit.  They seem to have really gotten the relationship between the linear equations, tables and graphs.  This can be really difficult, and I will continue to review this concept with them throughout the year, but I'm impressed by their development, and I hope it will pay off for our middle school teachers next year!

2) We also worked on informational and media text with articles about Turkey Hatchery's from one of my blog buddies, Erin at I'm Lovin Lit.  She has great activities that are perfect for teaching the argumentative informational article.  My kids get so incensed by the inhumane treatment of turkeys.  I love this discussion every year.  I follow up the article and media activities by having my class visit our special educator.  He actually has a small farm and raises turkeys.  He brings them into school for a few days every year, so we headed out to the pen where he was able to talk to us a little about small time turkey processing.  This is such a great way to really sum up the articles!

3) While we were working on our turkey activities we also created a class book:  A catalog to help turkeys survive Thanksgiving.   They loved this project, and they came up with some really fun ideas for saving the turkeys including invisibility cloaks (Harry Potter fan made that one) or a map to a camp just for turkeys? (someone is reading The Lightning Thief).

This activity is from my Thanksgiving Turkey Survival Kit pack.  Which, btw is in the process of getting a HUGE makeover.  So if you like the idea you may want to put it on your wish list over at TpT.

4) We finished up with a viewing Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and some popcorn.  I was amazed that I had students in my class that had never seen an air popper before!  They were such a big help at the end of the day.  Popcorn of course had flown everywhere, but the class pitched in and helped make the room tidy for our return.  I think there may be more popcorn parties in their future!

5) Finally, I am enjoying a wonderful week with my family.  We have had a great time dancing, eating and watching a tree lighting ceremony.  Today as I said earlier we are off with the masses getting those great Black Friday bargains!
I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend with your families.  Eat lots of turkey sandwiches, gobble up some pie, and wear some yoga pants!  

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  1. I hope you had fun shopping! The t-shirts are super cute! I decided to stick to the outdoors today because crowded stores stress me out!

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