Language Skills Practice with Chinese New Year Activities

I just finished a MASSIVE redo of my Celebrate Chinese New Year pack.  It went from 27 pages to 85+ pages!  I am so excited to begin this in early Febraury with my students!

 I love pulling out the activities that go with Chinese New Year because they are bright and colorful, and we always need a little cheer this time of year.  This year Chinese New Year begins on February 8th.  I'm using my time off today to do a little prep work and planning.

I designed this activity packet to help my students practice fluency, reading closely, and several grammar/language based skills that they seem to have trouble with.  The packet now includes passages for all 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  Instead of having to re-write a passage every year I've now included all 12 animals and a calendar for animals through 2027.

I use the language skills activities in my interactive notebook.  I have students only glue down or tape the top part of each printed card.  Then they complete the answer on the inside.

When I have students use the homophone cards I add an extra challenge and have them write sentences about the Chinese New Year for the other two homophones.

I also have them create challenging sentences for combining for fellow classmates.  Many try to come up with the most difficult possible sentence, and I push my higher level students to use semi-colons as well.  It's always fun to end the week with a little writing prompt.  My students love to talk about the red envelopes that Chinese receive with money in them.  Red symbolizes luck, so I've included a quick writing prompt asking students what they would do with the money.  A second writing prompt digs a little deeper and asks students to wish a classmate luck for the coming year, and provide evidence that supports how a fellow student is similar to the current Chinese zodiac animal.  I'm looking forward to some great discussion on character traits!
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year in your classroom?  I would love to hear about the skills and activities you incorporate!

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