Making 2D Street Art {Mid-Week Math Motivation}

My students only are scheduled to go to Art class twice a month. So whenever possible I like to add some sort of art work to my lessons in my core areas.  I first saw this fabulous idea for completing 2D street art from Jen Runde who blogs at Runde's Room.  When I read her post, I knew I had to try this with my students! It is sort of like directed drawing for Big Kids!

We started out using our rulers to create a diamond with our papers in landscape mode.

Then we drew vertical lines in the center to create the street corner.  Follow the slant of lines (slanting to the right on the right side of the street, slanting to the left on the left side) we created rooftops, windows and sidewalks for our street.  We erase the top line of the diamond as we create the rooftops.  Once all of the buildings were drawn, we filled in titles of our favorite shops, and colored all the space.  Some of my students chose daytime street scenes, while others chose a night drawing.

I'll be honest, this was NOT a one day and done project.  It took my serious students about 3-30 minute class periods to complete the piece.  But I believe the project was WELL worth the time.  If you save this project for after your state testing it is a great brain break!

I especially love this project.  My student knows how much I love drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee. She made her street corner a huge Dunkin Donuts store.  She also told me I could have unlimited coffee <hee hee>.

Thanks for stopping by for a little Mid-Week Math Motivation!  I would love to hear what you are up to with your students!

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