Three Things I Loved About My Week!

Welcome to the weekend friends!  I wanted to take a moment and share Three Things I Loved About My Week.

I hope some of these make you smile or laugh, or give you a new idea for your own life or classroom. Spread the positive my friends... spread the positive.

#1:  Retired Teachers Make the Best Secret Pals
The retired teachers at my school are amazing!  Every month they bring in snacks and goodies for us, and we get a few days of heaven in the teachers room.  They are part of the reason why I never seem to be losing any weight.... ( the other reason may be that I have to get off my couch.. but that isn't something I loved, so we won't talk about it)
How delicious are these cakes looking!  Do you see how they made MANY MANY cakes!  NOT one cake or two cakes that are gone by the time the second lunch round is over, but CAKES for DAYS.....
Do you have anyone who is wonderful to you like this?

#2: World Read Aloud Day!
February 16th was World Read Aloud day.  To celebrate my class found their favorite picture books from my classroom library and a partner that they do not normally read with.  Together they shared their book for about 15 minutes.  Although this wasn't a huge amount of time it was nice see them sit together and read to each other. It brought a sense of calm to the sometimes chaotic classroom that we have, and it made me smile.

#3: Peer Editing and Collaboration
We have been working really hard on our writing skills since we came back from our Christmas break.  We are getting ready to take our state writing assessment in just a few short weeks, and I need my students to have a solid sense of both opinion and informative writing, and how our state will be assessing their skills.  We read a paired text on roller coaster design.  The informative prompt that I gave my students asked them to explain how roller coaster designers are innovative.  I have seen so many improvements in their writing, adding leads, and key details.  Their conclusions are getting stronger too.  One thing that has FINALLY clicked in for them is the importance of peer editing and discussion.  This week I had them practice being both the teaching coach AND the learner.  I pressed them to give specific examples, and we worked on speaking kindly to each other but still giving constructive criticism.  When each group finished students were able to grab a post it note and create a writing goal for next week.  Baby steps lead to giant leaps my friends!

I hope everyone else could find three things that they LOVED about their week!  Feel free to comment below and let me know what you loved!! I would love to hear about it!

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