Decimals and Fractions Interactive Notebook Sort FREEBIE

We started working on fraction and decimal relationships this week.  My students were pretty excited to leave fractions behind, but are also proud to see how they are related to the world of decimals.

 When I begin my decimals unit, I have my students create a vocabulary page for their interactive notebooks.  It helps them to see the importance of the new terms we will be learning, and gives them a quick reference to use throughout the unit.

On the first day we look at metric units, and how a fraction with a denominator of 10 is equal to a decimal.  We practice going back and forth between fractional unit and decimals.  You can use a digital scale to help with this too.  I give my students several different items that we can weigh on the scale, then we write the numbers as fractions and decimals.  We also use tape diagrams and divide them into tenths.  We practice shading in the tape diagram as a model, writing the fractions, and the decimal lengths. Then we model this on a number line so visually students can see the similarities.

The next day for morning work I give my students a quick check page which helps them sort and practice fractions, decimals, and word form. They match the pieces that are jumbled up on the page. Then I have notebook leaders in my groups who check their notebooks with mine and then check their groups.  They let me know any students who were having trouble so I can quickly clear up misconceptions as I start the new lesson.  Any students needing further assistance get help during our math intervention time.

 I would love to hear how you start your decimals unit!  Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to grab the interactive notebook sort page for FREE by going {HERE}! I've made it two levels so I can use a similar format a little later in the unit.

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