Of Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

Happy New Year friends!  I've been reflecting about my blog this week after New Years Day, and decided I need to start writing again for me!   Although I'm not interested in changing the name of my blog, I've thought a little more about what I want it to stand for.  I want to continue writing about teaching and coaching since that is my job, but I also feel like I need to write a little more about myself, and what it is like to be a single woman in her 40s with a teen and a young adult.  I'm hoping that you will continue on this journey with me, cuppa joe in hand, learning the lessons of life, and making plans for the year!  I'll still blog about teaching tips and ideas, but I want to expand a little into health and wellness, and how I am trying to live my best life.

With that being said, has anyone written any New Years Resolutions?  Made a ONE WORD commitment?  I would like to say I did, but nope, nope, nopity nope this year.  I tried that last year.  I tried to blog about my goals, and guess what... I blogged TWICE!  TWO TIMES in 2018.  Not a very good sign for making resolutions or one-word goals.  So this year I'm trying something a little different.  I'm going to take this one week at a time.  One week... one blog post at a time.  I've set goals for my health, my friendships, and my well-being.  I'm going to track some of my habits and watch where my soul tends to take me and well.....see what happens.

Let me know your plans for the year!  Big, small, soul-searching! I'd love to hear them! I'd also love to hear how you are going to stick to your resolutions, what are you going to do differently?  Have you found your tribe of people to help motivate you?

Good Vibes!

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