Algebra Properties and Matching Cards

I feel like I have been a busy busy bee this week!  School has kept me buzzing!  
We are learning a new progress monitoring program for our students, and it is keeping me on my toes trying to get it LEARN--ed!  
I had to spend a little time today just thinking about MATH MATH MATH because again SPIN SPIN SPIN is what my head is doing!
These are in my Interactive Math Notebook.  Thank you to Janaye at Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes for the idea front for these foldables!
So I put up my Algebra Matching Tiles on TpT.  I just finished a unit in math with my Sixth Grade Smarties on expressions and properties.  It has been a LONG haul with this topic.  They struggled with vocabulary all along the way, but I do think we may finally be picking up a little momentum.  Our interactive Math Notebooks are going strong, which is  definatley helping things. 
I made these Math Tiles to sort my students in my classroom.  I gave them new seat partners for a week or so, and then I sorted them again.  At the end of the unit I gave them to groups as a review activity, and had students use them as flash card review in math centers which are set up during our study hall time.

If you get a chance, stop on over to check them out and leave me a little feedback!


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