Math Notebooks: Exponents Foldable and Math Language

Happy Weekend friends!  It has been a busy short week here.  My sixth grade friends have been busy.... busy..... busy..... learning tons of new material from the Common Core.  I'm still in a love/hate relationship with that big monster.  I like the "Less but deeper" idea, but my middles are missing a HUGE amount of vocabulary so it is taking us a long long time to get through material because they don't have a solid math vocabulary.

We worked last week on Powers and Exponents in Order of Operations.  We made this foldable.  I've seen it several times on Pinterest.. sorry I can't remember the original source.  If you know share, so I can give props.

My middles need practice with the vocabulary BIG TIME, so we have been practicing using Product of the Same Factor and Repeated Multiplication as forms of Expanded.... I've been trying to catch them in the hall and outside of my room speaking in their MATH LANGUAGE.. when I do they get smarties from my jar.  I'm glad candy is still an incentive for sixth graders.  

Is anyone else finding that vocabulary is a BIG....HUGE...MONSTROUS.... part of the Common Core?  How are your students handling it?  Any suggestions for ways that you are teaching the vocab in Math that is helping your students USE the language?

Happy Saturday!  Go GATORS!  #4... Chomp On


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