Ratios and the Common Core

My Smarties have been working hard in Math over the past week or two.  We are focusing on Ratios and with the new Common Core Standards, this is TOUGH learning.  Before the Common Core change we also taught ratios, but a lot of it was computational.  Now, it's MUCH MUCH more  about word problems.  I find  myself having to not only teach the mathematical application, but also to teach the "writing translation."  With Ratios being a major concept in sixth grade, this is tough going.
To help keep myself sane, I've been drinking a lot of COFFEE and watching a lot of basketball.
I also made some new WACKY WORDIES, that are focused on RATIO questions.  I think they are a pretty good indicator of the types of problems we will see on our assessments.
You can pick them up {HERE} if you are looking for WORD PROBLEMS to use with your Sixth grade Smarites, RTI groups, Special Ed, Centers.. etc.. you name it!
Next, I'm on to RATES!!!  I am curious to know how you ar fairing with teaching the Common Core.  Drop me a line and let me know!

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  1. Well, I don't teach math. Never have except in Kindergarten 3 years ago. Now I might teach 6th grade math (all subjects) next year. HELP!! :)

    I have been pinning away lately because I am going to need ALL the help I can get with math!



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