Five for Friday and Flashbacks on April 26

Wow has this been a LONG LONG WEEK!  I'm linking up with Doogle Bugs and Teaching Maddeness today...

#1:  Today is my beautiful Mom's birthday!  I wish I was in Florida visiting her!  She is a wonderful, generous, fabulous mom, and I miss getting to see her more often.  To honor her, I made a little lapbook project for my smarties to celebrate their Mother's or Father's.  
I can't wait to work on it with them.
You can find it {HERE} if you are interested.

#2:  This week my loverly daughter, "24" got her catcher's gear on and played softball I think every day!  Talk about a GAMLLION hours at the ballpark!  To help raise money for the team we are having a gala this weekend.  Her team was responsible for making 3 baskets, so I worked on getting them ready.  Didn't they turn out SUPER CUTE!!
I basically shopped with another mom for the basket "innards" and a wonderful, super awesome teaching assistant who is Martha Stewart in disguise I SWEAR put them together.  I am not this crafty.

#3  After going through 6 days of state assessments.. 90 minutes each day, my smarties were ready for something different.  I have to read a story in our basal about Money and the Euro.  I found a video that I have had for like 15 years from the US MINT about how they make coin and currency.  Totally 90s mullets and all, but the kids liked not having to do any computation after 3 LONG test days!

#4:  Speaking of those blasted assessments.. look at what our Celebration Committee did for us in the staff room!
Everyday we had different snacks.. healthy and guilty chocolate coma inducing snacks.. it helped make the week just a little bit better!

#5:  Lastly.. we are still reading The One and Only Ivan... have you gotten this book yet?  

If not, RUN.. don't walk.. RUN RUN RUN out and make this purchase!  You will love it.  I wrote about the book {HERE} if you are wondering what it is all about.

Enjoy your weekend! and Link up with Doodle Bugs and Amanda at Teaching Maddeness!


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom!! I know the feeling of being away from your mother. My parents are in Iowa and I'm here in Houston!! It's so hard. Have a fabulous weekend!!

    (( HUGS ))
    One Fab Teacher

  2. BTW I'm your newest follower!! =)

    (( HUGS ))
    One Fab Teacher

  3. Ugh...6 days of state testing! I'll be running to get the Ivan book. I think my 6th grader son will love it! I probably will, too :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I do so miss the texts that I used to use with my fifth graders... I have lost touch with what is out there and appreciate you sharing the Ivan text. I will pick one up to read this summer!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  5. I KNOW you are glad to be DONE with state testing! Ours is coming up on May 6th.

    The One and Only Ivan is a true treasure. Ivan and little Ruby....loved that book!

    We might not have a celebration committee at our school, but I'm sure my best friend and I can "celebrate" when we are finished with testing. Mexican here we come.....

    I Run Read Teach


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