Squared Away on a Sunday LINKY PARTY: Attention! Your 15 minute Break is Now Over! and a FREEBIE

My Spring Break is coming to a close. Of course was longer than 15 minutes, but I am still wishing it was longer.  We had a chance to visit the hubs over break.  It was a LONG LONG car ride that I WILL NOT be doing again any time soon.. too many crazy drivers.  We also had a chance to visit with family while we were down in Florida.
The weather was beautiful.  We celebrated Easter together, and took a day to go to the beach.  We also had a chance to catch a Gators baseball game, and softball game.  GO GATORS!  We visited the Florida Museum of Natural History which was Fabulous.. and which I will be posting about later in the week.
My poor Gators lost in the Elite 8 against that dreaded Michigan team which then turned around and BEAT my 'Cuse last night <sniffle sniffle>

 I have to at least start thinking about school for the week.  It is our last week before we take our state assessments, which I feel have been looming over our heads since school started.  They are expecting a 40% drop in test scores, so we are all scrambling to get currciulum finished.  I still have to teach a section of Geometry on 3D shapes.  Meanwhile, I am pulling together things to review like Equations and Expressions, Multiptlication and Division of Fractions, Decimals, and the dreaded Ratios and Rates.  I'm going to be taking a day or two on each of the major topics to review the computation aspect and then the word problems pieces.  AAHHHHHH!  Please can't  I have a few more days of rest and relaxation!
If anyone is interested, I do have computation and word problem practice cards in my TpT store for the above mentioned units.
I may also have my smarties fill out a DIDN'T DO POEM just for fun as we get acclimated in the morning.
In this poem they tell of all the things they DIDN'T get to do over break, and things they will be looking forward to doing now that it is getting warmer.  It is FREE  in my TpT store. You can get your copy by clicking {HERE} if you are interested

Link up below with what you have planned or 'SQUARED AWAY' for the week, or if you have a FREEBIE to share that will help us with upcoming assessments, or just plain SPRING FUN!
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  1. Thanks for hosting, Michele!

  2. I love your blog! What a fun linky party:) It looks like you had a great spring break. Mine has been over for a week and I'm already counting down until summer!!

  3. I'm glad you were able to head somewhere warm for break! I love the poem idea. We are studying poetry right now so this will be a fun addition to our books!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. Thanks for this fun linky party-I just linked up!I did visit the 2 before my link, but they weren't blogs, just TPT store so I couldn't leave comments. :)


  5. Just put my Plant freebie up - thanks for hosting this fun linky!

    Science for Kids Blog

  6. I am so glad I found your blog. Love this idea because I can view some other freebies I might not otherwise find.


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