Express 'Yarself Matey! A Summative Review for Math

Earlier this week my smarties began to prepare for a Topic 1 Summative test that they are taking at school today.  We have been reviewing our numerical and algebraic expressions.  Hopefully all of the extra time we have put in will pay off on our summative.
To help keep the wiggles out of my smarties this week I set up a Task Rotation for them to practice all of the skills we need.  I used a new game that I created over the summer:  Express 'Yarself Matey.
They had so much fun playing this game, some of them even came back during our study hall and asked for the pieces to play again.  I LOVE when that happens.  I heard some really great comments too.  Since the game is played similar to war, I think they liked it because there was critical thinking involved.  You had to figure out how to throw the best card to beat your opponent.

They also practiced Order of Operations by playing my Order of Operations Dice Game:
Again, critical thinking involved.  My smarties want to be treated in a more mature way.  I think my critical thinking expectations help them to really assume that role.
Another math teacher made some cards for the task rotation that practiced algebraic expression word problems, and I added the 2 sets that are part of my Wacky Wordies Algebra Task Cards set:
I love when things come together like this.  Creating items for my classroom that I actually see results with is such an awesome feeling!  I hope my smarties do well on the assessment.  I know they had a great time getting their wiggles out and reviewing!


  1. Where are these resources located?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Coffee Cups! These resources are located in my TpT store. The link at the top right will take you there, or click on the links within the post.


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