Five for Friday: Inequalities, Honoring our Veterans, and a Birthday

Holy Moly this was a fast week!  We had Monday off from school for Veterans Day, and the rest of the week has flown by!  I've had so many meetings, I've barely had planning time.  It was nice to stop and reflect a little about the week.

1)  INEQUALITIES:  My Smarties have finally finished up our unit on Inequalities.  We will definitely need to keep practicing these on our  Weekly Review Question sheets.   I created a foldable for my classes that really helped them learn the symbols.  One of things I liked most about it was that it was so interactive.  My students had to write definitions, graph inequalities on a number line, and then identify inequalities in sentences.  My entire math period they were talking about math!  I loved it... THEY loved it!  

If you need to teach this with your students, I put the foldable along with my lesson plan in a pack with class or homework sheets and a set of Scoot and Compute Task Cards.  You can find it {HERE}

2)  In ELA my class spent time reading one of my favorite pictures books:  America's White Table by Margo Theis  Raven.  This story tells about the Remembrance Table, a small white table which is set in American Legions, and military mess halls around the country to honor soldiers that are MIA or POW. This tradition began during the Vietnam War.  I used this lesson to teach about symbols and symbolism.  My students had to make inferences about the objects that are placed on the table, and then use evidence to independently answer questions about why the table itself is significant. I think I will work on a nonfiction article to go with it next year. 

3)  Veterans Day is also my beautiful daughter's birthday.  "24" is an official teen now!  I can't believe it.  She cracks me up with the funny things she says, and always has the ability to make me laugh.  I love the pep in her step!  This is a picture I took a few weeks ago with my daughter and my sister-- and yuckster the bear.  He is my niece's and he is YUCKY!
4)  In my Social Studies class we are working on our Ancient Egyptian tomb.  It will be presented this coming week.  My students have been writing and researching for several weeks, and they have been working on artifacts for the tomb at home.  I can't wait to see what comes in.

5)  Last, but not least, I'm getting geared up for another 'Cuse home basketball game tomorrow.  I love college basketball!  There were so many great games this week.  I mean DUKE lost !  WOOT WOOT!  That is great for my 'Cuse boys because we are in the ACC now and we will have to play them.  I hope we continue to improve our record!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! Have a fantastic weekend :)

  2. I love the name Yuckster the Bear. So awesome! I still sleep with my baby blanket...pathetic. Nobody will touch it but me. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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