I'm Thankful for our Amazing Technology Department!

We have been so busy this past week with the end of the marking period.  My smarties just finished their first 10 weeks of middle school.  It always amazes me the things they accomplish in 10 weeks:  mastering lockers, the hallways, schedules, inequalities <hee hee.. we might still be working on that one> and specials.  Many of my students had technology which I love to see because they get to make rockets.  Our technology department is amazing!  I know I blogged about them in the spring, but I have to give them a shout out again, because they are truly amazing.  We have an entire aqua-ponics lab which has an awesome selection of veggies growing.

They also have a hydroponics wheel which is a pretty amazing sight.   A group of students in our technology club harvest the lettuce and veggie mix and sell it for $1.00.  The money pays for scholarships for students to attend Oswegatchie Camp in the summer.

One of the other things that I think is really amazing is the rocket launch.  Our 1st and 4th quarter students get to create rockets and launch them on the softball field.  They are always so excited about this.  I get invited to come out and be amazed.  This year I remembered my phone and I took a video.  Check this out.

Pretty cool huh!  Have a great week!

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  1. Aqua-ponics! You do have an amazing technology department!


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