A Peek at My Week on 1-5-2014

Boo...hoo... sob...sob...sniffle...sniffle...  I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Our cold, cold weather won't be appearing until at least Monday night, so I know that I'll be visiting with my smarties tomorrow morning promptly at 7:30am!  I may need an extra cup of coffee to get me through the day.
I'm linking up with Jennifer for a Peek at my Week.

In ELA I'm going to be reading a non-fiction narrative article from SCOPE magazine called  "I Was Homeless."
It is a true story of a young boy who spent time being homeless in New York City.  What I love about this article is that Kevin is not a typical homeless person.  He has a family that was illegally evicted from their home.  My students live in a pretty sheltered suburban environment.  This article does a really nice job of showing how a child can look just like everyone else and actually be living in a shelter.  We are going to be focusing on close reading strategies and looking at the story through a specific lens.

I love Scope Magazine.  Do you use it in your class?  The paired readings are amazing.  The homeless story is not part of a paired reading, but it does include a video segment.  Scope does a fantastic job of helping students make text to world and text to text connections.

For writing, we'll be completing a New Years Goal Craftivity from Runde's Room.  This freebie will help my smarties set academic, athletic, social, organizational and leadership goals.  Perfect for sixth graders.

When I finish this, we'll be practicing our ACE responses with "I Was Homeless."  ACE is Answer, Cite and Explain.  It is a way to practice written responses to reading.  Erin at I'm Lovin Lit does a great job in her Interactive Notebook for Writing.  She has a free bonus lesson about ACE.  You can go {HERE} and check it out.

In Math I'll be continuing to work on multiplying and dividing decimals with my smarties.  One of the things I'll use for this are my Decimal  Task Cards or Scoot.  This set reviews all four operations with decimals and includes word problems.

Lastly, in Social Studies We'll be using Ipads and doing research on a favorite Ancient Greek God or Goddess.  We are going to make a Facebook style research page for them as well as a neat craftivity I'll blog more about as we get going.  If you are studying Ancient Greece, check out the post I had last week for Thursday Throw down.  It includes a funny video that compares Athens and Sparta in a Wife Swap.  You can check it out {HERE}

Enjoy your first few days back!


  1. I don't use Scope magazine, but that article looks really interesting. I am sure my students could benefit from this also. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. You are super busy and well prepared! Don't you have a snow day tomorrow? I hate to say it but I just turned my AC off and opened the windows! STAY WARM!!


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