Teaching Pronouns with videos and FREEBIES

Hello friends!  I'm linking up with Molly today to share a Freebie on the Fifteenth!
My smarties have been focusing on various parts of speech using mentor sentences from the novels we are reading.  Basically, I review nouns, verbs and adjectives.  In sixth grade our main focus is pronouns, so over the next few weeks, they will be the focus in our Word Work Notebooks.  To help  my students I made a foldable for our interactive notebooks.  You can click the picture to download it.

On the inside, I listed a definition and examples.  We are also going to watch a few videos to review:

I love this one with Bugs and Daffy.  I usually play this one more than once, because some of my students don't get how Bugs changes the pronouns and gets Daffy in trouble.  With a little pronoun conversation, I see a lot more lightbulbs going off!

Do you have anything fun for pronouns?  I would love to hear from you! 
I have also updated the Messare Clips and Design page with a new Freebie of the United States, just click on the page link at the top.  This design has so many possibilities!

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