A Peek at My SHORT Week! Terrible Tudors, Figurative Language, and Math Review

Happy Sunday all!  I'm doing a quick link up with Jennifer over at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings  for a Peek at My Week Party!

We have a short week.  Only two and a half days until Spring Break... We... can... make... it!
I'm spending a little time tying up some loose ends before we leave because when we get back we have our HUGE THREE DAY #thisteacherisstressed Math Assessment.
So here goes:

I am finishing up a unit on the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation.  My Smarties have loved learning about the feudal system, Magna Carta, Da Vinci and Martin Luther.  I'm reviewing with a little Middle Ages Bingo tomorrow and showing them this funny video about Henry VIII and using this Terrible Tudors video.  My class LOVES these!

Next, I'll be finishing up my Geometry unit by teaching volume.  We'll be finding the volume of a few rectangular prisms using food boxes.  I teach a surface area lab using this, but it will have to wait until after our assessment.  We just don't have enough time!

Next I'll be reviewing for our assessment using Task Cards.  I'm concentrating on Algebra and Ratios because those have the biggest emphasis for our test.  I'm using Algebra Multiple Choice Task Cards, Algebra Wacky Wordies, Ratio and Rate Multiple Choice Task Cards, and Wacky Wordies Ratios and Rates.  I'll be adding in Integers and Rational Number review after break.

Last, I'll be doing a little fun review practice with figurative language using my Spring Figurative Language Pack while we finish up our Biography Writing.
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Have an awesome week!  Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

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