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Hello Friends!  As I mentioned last week, things have been a little crazy in my household lately as we adjust to moving, starting new schools and jobs.
I was hired for my new sixth grade position with just a few days before Meet the Teacher.  My classroom was NOT ready, but I was determined to make the best of it.
I wanted a theme that would show my students they were "Big Kids" since I now have them in a self contained classroom all day instead of a middle school setting where they switch classes.
Since most of you know that I love wearing my Converse sneakers, I thought this was a great way to introduce a little about myself and make my room feel like it was more for Big Kids.

  I basically tried to clean up as much as possible before parents arrived, since I had about 8 hours in my classroom before meeting them!
I decided to go with a Black, Red and White theme.  It reminded me of my old school, and gave me a little confidence with all of this change.  Plus, I love this boarder!
Even though I didn't have the prettiest room, I wanted to let my parents know that I already cared about their child, and felt that communication was important.  On each child's desk, along with the usual forms I left a water bottle, and bag of microwave popcorn.

I was going to use small bags of popcorn, but I found out my school wants closed bag treats, and the microwave popcorn was buy one get one free!  The case of water was $3.50, so I feel like it was a pretty good bargain to at least spruce up the desk area.
The Goody Labels for the popcorn and water bottle are in my TpT store.  You can go {HERE} if you want to grab them for $1.00.  You could also use them for Back to School or Open House.
Things are starting to settle in a little, so I'm hoping to be back into the blogging routine again.  I've reached 700 followers on FB, and am pretty close to hitting 1,000 followers on Bloglovin, so a giveaway is in the planning stages.  Be sure to follow me on FB and here on the blog to keep up to date.

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  1. I should send you my Converse collection. You'd have a different pair to wear for a whole month...well maybe not a whole month, but definitely close! I'm sure your room looks FAB!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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