On Your Mark.. Get Set.. SHOP

Are you ready for today?  Is your cart LOCKED and LOADED?
It's finally here, that big sale that the teacher blogger world has been talking about for DAYS!

I've been going over my wishlisted items and I think I'm ready.  Speaking of ready.. are you ready to head back to school?  I've been looking at some back to school products that I really need to start to prep.  Here are a few from my store:

I use these in my Interactive Notebooks to help my students complete data analysis
Need them both?  You can go {HERE} and get the BUNDLED SET at a reduced price!

I usually start the year with Algebra, so getting my properties match up cards ready along with
 Express 'Yarself Matey is a must for the first few weeks of school.
Are you already ahead of the game and ready to be really looking ahead?  

Why not pick up my Halloween or Thanksgiving Figurative Language Pack?  It is great practice for the basics in Figurative Language, and by saving that extra 28% now will ease your paycheck later!  There won't be another sale this quarter!

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