Stitch Fix #4: Finally I've Found Jeans!

I was so happy to get my May Stitch Fix box on the last day of school.  What a great way to start summer.  Since I usually only get Stitch Fix boxes every other month, I was really looking forward to seeing some new clothes.  As I've stated before, this gal is NOT a shopper!  Introvert that I am, I like the happiness of getting my clothes delivered!
This Fix was pretty good.  I got a new stylist, Jahna, who finally found me a pair of skinny jeans that were long enough and didn't show the entire world my business when I bent over.  #toomuchinformation.

Here is what came in this box:

1) Kut From The Kloth:  Sylvan Crochet Detail Top:

This shirt fit me ok, but I'm not the Crochet Detail kind of gal. I mean, I spend most of my summer sitting at the softball field in athletic shorts, tanks,and Keens. I know this is a work shirt, but it wasn't for me.  I know some people would like the variation, but I'll stick to my classic white button down. Plus, clearly I need a tutorial on how to pose for a picture without looking frumpy! LOL

Verdict:  Return

2) 41Hawthorn:  Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse:

This is a shirt that I got in my last fix.  I almost bought it then, but I thought it wasn't the right size. Jahna sent me a different one, and it was ok, but something about the shoulders just wasn't right on me.  Plus, although Orange is my favorite color, I mean I BLEED orange and blue, I have a TON of orange in my closet, and my daughter says I need to branch out a bit.

Verdict:  Return

3) Olive & Oak: Peyton Dress

This coral shirt dress was NOT for me. I mean you are NOT EVEN SEEING A PICTURE OF ME IN IT! I had asked for a summer shirt dress to be included in this fix, but the material on this one was too heavy. My daughter thought is was a beach cover-up when I pulled it out of the box, and it got no better when I put it on.

Verdict: Return

What I kept, and LOVED:

4) Skies are Blue:  Walli Knit Tank

This chevron tank was awesome. It has a little flair at the bottom which I wasn't too sure of, but my daughter, who is always very concerned about whether I am appropriately dressed for occasions OTHER than the ball field thought it was awesome. I like that I can wear it out to dinner this summer, on those rare occasions when I have time for more than Gatorade at the field.

Verdict: Keep

5) Level 99: Shauna Skinny Jean
These jeans were amazing! Stitch Fix has sent me jeans in 3 of my 4 fixes, and I'm so glad I have finally found a pair of skinny jeans that fit me well.  These were pricey.  More than I would normally pay, and I certainly will be careful wearing them.  I want my money's worth out of these puppies. But I know I won't regret this purchase.  These jeans were a great length and as I had stated earlier in the post didn't share my behind with the world when I bent over.
I also LOVED the red and grey top that they paired them with in the photograph.  I wish Stitch Fix gave you the option of requesting the clothes they pair with your Fix.  Although long sleeve, I love the way that shirt looked.

Verdict: Keep

I love the convenience of Stitch Fix.  I'm not pressured by time or sales people, and returns are so simple.  Consider taking the time to check out Stitch Fix this summer.  You can relax and have something amazing delivered right to your doorstep.  Click {HERE} to check it out.  They even have a blog which gives great clothes pairings and trends!

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  1. I so look forward to everyone's stitch fix reviews...I LOVE seeing what everyone gets! Looks like you got some great pieces! :) Enjoy your summer!

    Mind Sparks


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