Updated Product! Foldable and Lessons for Prime and Composite Numbers. LCM and GCF

Hello friends!  I just wanted to post quickly today and let you know I have recently updated my Foldables Lessons on teaching Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor.  This product is now 30 pages long, and includes:

1) Mentor text suggestions for Prime and Composite Numbers, as well as video links to share with your students,
2) Foldable for teaching Divisibilty Rules-- differentiated
3) Lesson for teaching Prime and Composite Numbers using a Hundreds Chart
4) Interactive sort activity for Prime and Composite numbers with differentiated sort cards
5) Foldable and Lessons for teaching Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Fractor and simplifying a fractions using the Prime Ladder Method.  There are several versions of the foldable for this lesson so you are able to differentiate for your students.

If you have already purchased this product, please go redownload it.
If not, it may be something you want to consider.
Have a great Sunday!

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