Get to Know Me with A Little This and That!

I love this linky from The Tattooed Teacher!  I'm sharing a little about me, and I'm hoping to find out a little more about you too.

1) I'm most definitely a jeans kind of gal.  I've been trying to wear more skirts and dresses, it seems like such a Southern thing, but I'm not there yet.  I love the days we are allowed to wear jeans to school! This is where I am the most comfortable 2) Earrings for sure.. when I remember to wear them! 3) Yea.. I've got nothing there.. LOL 4) Silver jewelry all the way!  I don't wear gold very often, but I have recently gotten some Lilly Pulitzer clothing, and that seems to be more of the gold category.  5) I'm an online shopper.  If I can avoid the mall, I opt out in a heart beat.  Thank goodness for my husband who even went and bought my daughter hair bows for softball regionals! I like Stitch Fix, and really appreciate my siblings who are both managers in retail.  They pretty much tell me what to buy, and I do what I'm told. :)  6) Showers, quiet listening homebody... enough said.. I love my quiet time, books, and binge watching Netflix. 7) Breakfast is my favorite meal.. at least on the weekends, and I totally run on Dunkin, so they go together nicely for this early bird! 8) Finally, I'm really a low key, flats wearing (converse or boots), people watching Central Park girl.  I love riding the train, and wish there were trains where we live now.  I miss that about NY and the east coast.

Thanks to Rachel for setting up this linky, and thank you for spending some time getting to know me!  I'd love to know more about my readers!  How about commenting below with something about you?


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Sounds like we have a lot in common beyond both being sixth grade teachers. Haven't taken the step to Stitch Fix because I'm afraid I'll end up buying too much, but I'm a member of the Mall Avoidance Club too!
    I'm also your newest follower!

  2. Michelle, I always love reading your posts. You just keep it real. Love me some Dunkin'...and excited to get a new one in our down town this Fall. Stitch Fix is a life saver during school and I love the outfits they put together for you. When that cute little package arrives at my doorstep...I know it's going to be a great day.


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