My Essential Oils Journey: Making it an Oily Summer

We've  made it friends! Summer has officially started in my house! My kids are excited and anxious and overwhelmed by all the possibilities of having 10 weeks off.  As I was reflecting on what my summer might bring, I set my intentions to learn more about my essential oils this summer.

I already know that I use several EO's pretty regularly during the school year, and I'm going to continue that over the summer, because I want to stay as happy and healthy as I have been, and I want my family to do the same.  Today I'm wanted to share with you a little about Peppermint, and few ways I'm going use it during the summer.

Peppermint:  A Pick Me Up In A Jar:

#1: Mosquito Spray
I spend A LOT of time at the ball field in the summer time.  My daughter plays softball competitively and there are times when we can be at the field from sunrise to sunset.  THAT MEANS BUGS.  Mosquito's give use huge welts, but I have always hated the thought of spraying myself with chemicals that contain DEET and other icky things. I've been researching about using an EO blend to help combat these pesky critters, and making it is on my TO DO list this weekend. Guess what!  BUGS....HATE....PEPPERMINT!
The blend contains the following oils which all have amazing properties:
Peppermint, Purification, Citronella and Lemongrass.

The smell is DIVINE!

#2: Diffuse Citrus Blends 
 I found this great picture of a variety of oils I can use in my diffuser to help me keep that fresh, beachy feeling all summer long.  I think I'm going to try them all and then decide which ones are my favorites.

BTW:  I'm a researcher.  I'll admit it.  I don't dive into much without knowing a little about it, and as I was looking up these yummy citrusy blends to diffuse, I also found this infographic from the Oil Moxie about citrus oils.  They are photo sensitive-- meaning they can burn you up to 12 hours AFTER you have put them on if you go out in the sun and are exposed to the heat for a period of time.  I wanted to include the picture here, in case this was something new for you too!

#3: Panaway Pain Paste
I'm going to be making a muscle rub using Panaway to bring with us when we are traveling for softball.  Sometimes after playing 4 games in the heat my girl's muscles are a tad bit sore.  I'm mean spanking those runners out at second on a throw down can take a lot out of a girl!  I'm going to make a muscle rub for her at night.  It contains Panaway, Copiaba, Frank, and Peppermint.  You mix it with several different butters, like cocoa, shea and mango and whip it to make like a body butter cream.  I can't wait to see how it works.  Do you follow me on Instagram? I'll post a picture there when I"m done making ti!

#4: Heat Miser Spritz
The fourth things I'm looking at creating is what I call Heat Miser Spritz.  You know the Heat Miser right?  He always sneaks up on us at the ball park, and leaves feeling like wrung out rags about 4:00 in the afternoon.  This Heat Miser Spritz contains peppermint and lavender, and you use witch hazel and distilled water in a spritz bottle. I know it will be the perfect pick me up to battle the heat on Saturday afternoons!

What I super love about my exploration of this oily journey is that I can create so many things for my family just using the starter kit!  Seriously folks, I can make everything I mentioned about except the mosquito spray which contains citronella oils.  I love that I can take this journey slow and steady and at my own pace.  I can research, read and learn from others on my oily journey.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  I have been learning so so much about making the most of my healthy environment and promoting wellness in my body, and I would love to share it. If you are interested in learning more about Young Living, or are interested in a kit, just use my affiliate link, or contact me!

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