At first I was AFRAID.. no I was PETRIFIED..

I will NOT be afraid of my Interactive Math Notebook... I will NOT be afraid of my Interactive Math Notebook...
I've been working all week on my interactive notebook for math.  I have to learn a new math program AND the notebook is new to me, so the process has been S....LLLL..OOOOOOOOO....WWWW.
At first I was afraid.. no I was petrified...<hee hee> of writing in my IMN.  I was thinking I would mess something up, or after I had put information in I would find or think of something better.  I made list upon list upon list.  But finally it got to be Thursday and I knew I couldn't keep the charade up any longer, so I went for it.

I made this foldable to help us remember all of the phrases that go with operations.  My kids ALWAYS forget these.. especially remembering more than and less than FLIP the numbers. 

I also made just a half sheet of the words that the students will glue into their notebooks in a lesson a little later, not another foldable, just a reminder.  I managed to work through the first three lessons in the program, which when added to other things I want to do will be about a week's worth of lessons.  Slow and steady is going to win me this race.

How are your Interactive Notebooks going?  Are you finding your students are more engaged in your lessons?  Let me know how you are doing so we can share ideas!

Meanwhile on Football Saturday-- Work em silly GATORS! and Go 'Cuse!-- with Orange and Blue you can never go wrong!



  1. I MUST know where you found the Chomp Chomp shirt! As a Gator alumnus, I MUST have one! :)

    1. It was a Pepsi promotion at the Bowling Green home opener!
      Go Gators



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