Moving Forward with Reading, Writing and The Stranger

I finally have most of my sixth grade friends using the Daily 3 (Read to Self, Work on Writing and Word Work) consistently for 15 minute cycles.  That is about all I can manage at this point in an 82 minute period.  I wrote out a few anchor charts which I put at the top of my classroom walls to help them remember what to do during that time.  Slowly I began using my Word Work journal and have introduced a few things in my Writer's Notebook which I'll post in a few days.

I put up some things for the kiddo's to remind them of the activities I wanted them to work on as we move forward.  I'm hoping I can add to this as we learn more strategies.

Sorry about the blurry photo for Word Work.  That always seems to happen when I use my iPhone.

Tomorrow I'm focusing on my Reader's Notebook.  I am introducing the jobs I use in my Literature Circles.  I have 5 rotating jobs that my students use when we read novels in my classroom.  The kiddos are in lit circle groups and read one of 5 or 6 choice novels based on a common theme.  They usually meet about twice a week once we get moving.  To introduce the different jobs I use picture books and an Author Unit on Chris VanAllsburg.  I <puffy heart> Chris Van Allsburg.  
I start off reading The Stranger which is filled with inferences.  We discuss so many things about this book-- there are so many reading comprehension strategies to work on!  Then we all practice the first literature job together: Discussion Director.  The next day we fish bowl the activity with good modeling, and I continue on from there.  I am soooo looking forward to sending time with "The Stranger" again.  It is one of my favorite picture books.

How about you?  Do you have that favorite mentor text?  Please share so I can add it to my collection!
Happy Reading!!



  1. Hey again!
    I know you will think this is weird...but I do the same type stuff with my 2nd graders...of course I am sure you really crank up the content and product but the process is the same! I have been using the Daily 5 since 2005 and I LOVE IT! I am your 10th follower!
    Also where are you located?

  2. I'm actually in New York. My husband is a Gator and I have family in Florida. We lived in Orlando for a while, and I worked at school in the Universsl area.
    Thanks for following! I'm following you too!



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