Math Notebooks and Runde's Length of School Year

My students had their Interactive Math Notebook covers due Monday.  I had talked to them last week about their "Math About Me" Assignment, and I was hoping I would see some really extraordinary notebooks.  Overall, I'm really pleased by how most of them turned out.  Sixth grade is such a huge transition for our kiddos.  It takes them so long to learn and remember easy classroom routines and even their homework, because they are so worried about their lockers and how to get to their classes.  So the ones I got overall were awesome.  Now if I could just get them going on our new math program... Life would be great!

I also have been working with them over the last few days on Runde's The Length of the School Year activity.  Have you seen this in her TpT store?  It is Fabulous! I blogged about making it here when I created it for A Monday Made-It with Tara.  The activity gave me so many good math ideas to start my year.
My students worked in groups to solve their problem.  You can see the busy bees here...

They worked together in groups to solve the various problems I set up, and then transferred the ideas to a notebook clipart sheet and we put them on the wall for Open House.  The parents were amazed at the amount 

of sugar the kids could consume with just one soda.  Overall, this is a great activity!  

I added the Phineas and Ferb style kick to it and the kids LOVED it!

I hope everyone is having a great week and things are coming together for you in your classrooms!


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