Foldie for LCM and GCF

Over the past few days I've had several emails and comments about my post on my foldie for Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor.  I finished up this unit in late November, and was planning to tweak the foldie a little bit, then of course I got a little busy with the holidays...
Finally I've had a little bit more time to get the lesson explanation altogether and set.
If you are interested, I have posted it on TpT.  The pack includes an interactive lesson on finding prime numbers to 100, and lessons using the prime ladder method for prime factorization, LCM and GCF.  My smarties really loved this foldie.  It was really helpful to add to that vocabulary to the Interactive Notebook.  Click below and check it out. Let me know what you think!

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  1. You have a special place in the heart of the Teaching Blog Circle! I invite you to stop by and learn more... Your blog has inspired and helped me :)
    The Teacher's Chair


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