Squared Away on a Sunday: Winter Thaw.. Link Up!

I've been thinking a lot about goals, probably because my class is talking about them at school.  We read a story this past week about Michael Jordan working on his goals, and this coming week we are going to read a story about Martin Luther King, Jr. being a Drum Major for Justice.   I wrote in my Currently a few weeks ago about wanting to make a healthy start, but once school got back into the swing of things I haven't done much about it.

So... long story short, I want to start blogging on Sundays about what else is going on beyond my classroom.  I'm going to call it SQUARED away on a Sunday.. Of course I had to get a little math pun in there somewhere... <hee hee>  I'm going to use it as a place to talk about what else is going on in my life, the world, and my accountability toward my goals for the year.

So this week was incredibly exciting in my household, my beautiful daughter, "24" made the modified basketball team.  She is a busy, busy little one this year. She made first chair in Junior High All County too.  My family LOVES basketball, so it will be exciting to see her games.

My son, "Little Man," scored 3 goals in his soccer game yesterday... HAT TRICK.  He is a pretty happy little man as well.

Mater, our Bernese Mountain dog, has been CRAZY with the winter thaw we've had.  I can't keep him inside which means I'm cleaning a LOT of muddy paws!

I'm off to spend the rest of the afternoon working on some lesson plans for the week.  We are beginning a new unit on integers, so I'm working on my vocabulary foldie for my Math Notebook.  My goal is to get the unit done this week, AND to run or exercise 3 times!

What have you "Squared Away" for the week?  I can't promise I'll post about it every week, but let's blog together about what else is important, and support each other in achieving goals! Thank you to AMANDA at Teaching Maddeness, she's really been helping me out with a few things lately.  Check out her blog by clicking the link above.  She sometimes writes about her Sunday's in the South.

 Just copy the button at the top of this post and let me know what you have set up or Squared Away for the week!!

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