FeBrUaRy CurRenTLy and Sale REmIndER

I love the beginning of a new month,  and February.. what's not to love about a SHORT 28 day month,  Ground HOGS!  Woot woot...,  Superbowl.. Mardi Gras....LOVE.. who can't LOVE Valentine's Day.. Winter Break, and my Hubbies Birthday!
February is a pretty busy month in our house and I like every minute of it.  It is DREARY weather here in February and having a bunch of things to look forward to makes the month go by quickly!
Here is my Currently for February... of course you have to LOVE Farley!

I'm a little late on the Modern Family Bandwagon.  We are currently working our way through Season 2, but my kiddoes are loving it too, which makes it a fun show to watch together.
I can save my obsession with Elementary and Nashville for after they go to bed.

As I had stated earlier, February is a busy month for us.  I am going to try and make it a special month in our house.  The winter is cold and dreary and I am TIRED of it already!

Of course there is weekend school work to be done.  I can't remember the last time I actually had a weekend free from school work.  I think I'm a pretty good planner, but there always seems to be something to finish.. or START.. Ha

I am wanting a cup of Chicory Coffee.. LOVE this...it is an obsession.  I tried it for the first time in New Orleans at the Cafe Du Monde.. now every time my hubby travels there, he MUST come home with a can.  I savor every cup!  Happy Mardi Gras!

I'm needing a serious dose of chocolate right now.. Isn't this box of chocolates so cute!  It has a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy on it! My Berner was a cute puppy too.. I've sent the picture to my hubby several times.. hint hint... 

And last, but not least, I am participating in the TpT Super Sale tomorrow, February 3rd.  You can visit my store and get up to 28% off of your purchase!  I've got a ton on my wishlist!

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  1. I loooooove Modern Family and Nashville. I have not seen Elementary but I'm not sure if I can add anything else to my DVR list. I tend to do schoolwork at night and hardly watch tv. I always do schoolwork over the weekend. Sigh. Just part of the job!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. I use my DVR a lot! I go through periods where I don't watch any tv, then I stay up late on a Friday night and watch like 3 hours!

  2. I like Modern Family too-I laugh out loud at least one time whenever I watch. That Valentine's candy box is too cute-chocolate and puppy dog eyes, can't beat that. :)


  3. Hi! Found your blog through the Currently Linky. Love the dots! I can commiserate on the whole "there's always more to do..." mindset. I consider myself pretty darned organized, but there's always so much more that should be done or want to have done than there is time for, even with working on the weekends. Yet the unorganized teachers always seem to have all sorts of free time... hmmm.... Anyway, great blog!

    1. Thanks Denise~ I'm glad you stopped by.
      You are right about the unorganized, I just know it drives me crazy when things aren't done and ready for the week.

  4. What kind of informative writing are your students doing right now? We are starting this week (5th) with directions on how to play a game. I've never taught 5th grade writing so its all new to me!! :)


    1. Hi Shannon~
      My smarties are working on biographies at the moment. I don't do the How To style explanatory because they get it in elementary and most of the expository writing we have is based on structures with compare/contrast and cause/effect. The assessment the kids take often has them read nonfiction and write based on character or theme traits, so my students are writing biographies based on the character traits seen in positive role models. It gets a little character ed in the mix too!

  5. I have never seen Modern Family...but I hear it is good...
    I totally get the name spelling thing...Originally my mom, a native of France wanted to spell my name Nathalie, like they do in France, but she was shure the Americans would call me "Nath-a-lee" instead of "Nat-a-lee" (they actually say "Nad-u-lee")...that is what you get for having a French name Michele...the Americans like to mess it up! {winky face}
    ~Natalie (pronounced with a French Accent "Na Ta Lee"

    1. In college my sorority sisters taught the pledges my name was Miche1e spelled with a 1 instead of an "L"
      Many of them still text me with that! HA


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