Homophone Hearts and a Funny Monkey Book

This week the skill in our basal reader reviews Homophones and Homonyms.  Most of my smarties in sixth grade have mastered this concept, but I have a few who still have trouble with the vocabulary meanings of some words.  I found this great book that has been perfect for them in my Word Work Center.  It helps my students who are still having trouble with the homophones, and it gives all of my students FLUENCY practice.  It can be hard to read those "double words."
Aunt Ant Leaves through the Leaves by Nancy Coffelt is about Monkey who is trying to get the animals to help him get bananas home to make a pie.  The book has the same "set up" as The Little Red Hen where all of the animals are busy.. Aunt Ant can't help because she has to visit her niece, Bee has too many things to do because his honey shipment is due... etc.

To go along with the book I made homophone hearts.  My students who needed a little extra practice read the book in small groups as they had Word Work Centers to complete.  They sorted the homophones from the story by playing memory.  Then they chose one of the pairs and wrote their own homophones to show they understood the vocabulary.  It was an easy quick way to get in a little Valentine LOVE this week.
Although the homophones are heart shaped, they ceratinly could be used any time of year in a center, and the book has no seasonal connection.  If you are interested, you can find the product in my TpT store {Here}
On another note, my smarties took an assessment today on Rational Numbers.  I am so pleased with how they did.. especially when love and lollipops (our Student Council sells them and the kiddoes get them from friends on Thursday)  seem to be all they are thinking about!
What have your smarties done this week that you are proud of?  Let me know! and share the LOVE!!

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