Interactive Notebooks: Surface Area

I finished up my unit on Surface Area and Volume last week in Math.  After completing the lab using the cereal, pasta and Toblerone boxes (You can read about it {HERE}),  I didn't have time to blog about what went into our Interactive Notebooks.

I've seen the idea on Pinterest. The original source is from FABULOUS Jen Runde from 
Runde's Room!  She is so incredible!  She wrote about using prisms and being able to fold them up right into the Interactive Notebook.  When our curriculum changed with Common Core and I had to teach Surface Area.. I knew I would get great ideas from Jen.

Bonus for me.. our  math program allows you to create NETS!  So I had students go into the online Math toolbox and create their own NETS of 3D prisms and pyramids.  They printed them out and cut them apart to make sure the image they created was actually a prism or pyramid.  Then we glued the shape into our Interactive Math Notebooks, measured and found the surface area... LOVE this!
Jen is so creative.  I'm so glad I found this to pin!  Don't you love PINTEREST!

It was interesting to watch them try to do octagonal and hexagonal prisms.  Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of those!

Do you have a neat way to teach 3D shapes and prisms?  Leave me a comment below so I can try it out next year!  And stop by and visit Jen too... she is a great teacher, full of creative ideas!

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