A Firecracker of a Week

It's Friday and that means a recap of all things fun that went on this week!  Doodle Bugs isn't setting up her linky, but it's become a habit to recap on Friday!

Teacher's Write:  Ok.. I know I keep talking about this.  I just can't help myself.  It is amazing! I can tell in just two weeks that  as both a writer and as a teacher of writing that I am growing.  Kudos to the wonderful ladies who host and put this together.  It is an amazing experience.

Classroom decor:  Clearly you all know from my blog name that coffee and I are all time BFFs.  I think most of you know I seriously Run on Dunkin.  So early in the week when I was there getting my iced coffee fix, they were changing the signs at the front of the store. And the manager gave me one of the iced coffee signs he was going to throw away!  To me, this is a total score and I'm going to put it up in my classroom.

Now I'm just like everybody else in the whole "I like to make my classroom perty and all,"  But for middle school, this will ROCK.  Coffee is one of the tools I use in a Get to Know your teacher/writing/heat map activity at the beginning of the year...This larger than life poster will be fabulous.  Thanks Dave Burgess and Teach Like a Pirate for making me look differently at lesson openers!   PLUS when I teach a persuasive writing unit, I've got a few plans rolling around in my noggin on how I can use it too.

Holy Maryland Blue Crab!  This has nothing to do with teaching, well, again, I'm thinking a gigantic crab mallet may make it's way somewhere into my classroom for something...BUT it being a holiday week, my two kiddoes and I spent some time with my brother in law and his family in Maryland.
We took our kids out for blue crab, and they were HUGE!  We haven't been to Mike's Crab House in awhile, and my Little Man doesn't remember eating crab here when he was two.  He loved using the mallet to whack at the crab.

No wonder they completely cover the table with butcher paper.  We were a mess when we were done.  But you can't beat a few steamed crabs and shrimp for an awesome seafood dinner.  We'll smell like Old Bay Seasoning for a week!

I love this water cooler that my sister in law used at her Fourth of July BBQ.  My BIL smoked a ton of ribs, and we even put mac and cheese in the smoker.  It smelled so good!  But what I thought was funny was the teenager discussion about the water cooler.  The lemons floated, but the limes did not.  OOOHHH a science discussion from teens IN THE SUMMER!  Are we sure the world is still spinning?

And last, but not least for the week:  IKEA... can I say it again... I...K...E...A.  I <puffy heart> love this store!  We do not have one near us, so when we are off to visit it today, and round out our week with a little Despicable Me 2.

Well, that's all for me folks!  I hope you all enjoyed the Fourth of July with family and friends.  I know soon enough some of you will be returning to your classrooms!  Stop by and let me know how your week went!

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  1. I love your coffee sign. That is awesome! I worked in a tutoring center in college for students of students. Because it was affiliated with campus life, they got these giant cutouts of cereal characters. After 10+ years Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam are looking a little beat up, but they are still a hit.

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