Making Life a little Easier with a Common Core Math Checklist

With all of the reading I have been doing about mathematics this summer, I thought it was a good idea to make sure that I had all of my ducks in a row with the Common Core Standards.  Yesterday I spent some time in the air conditioning at my computer creating labels, a checklist, and Common Core Posters for my classroom.  There isn't much fancy about them, but I think they are pretty practical.

First off, I made labels.  These are I CAN statements that I printed on Avery 5195 labels.  You can also print them on a full label sheet and cut them out as you go.  I'm going to put these into my plan book.  I want to do something to keep track of how I am teaching the standards throughout the year.  My plan is to place the label into my plan book when I am introducing the topic.  I have broken some of the standards down into parts because I felt they were distinct enough and needed their "own space."

The second part of the packet is a checklist.  This is what I'm having my students put in their Interactive Math Notebooks.  If I reduce the sheet to 85% it will fit great in their composition notebooks.  Part of being a highly effective teacher according to our APPR Danielson Rubric is having students active in the learning/evaluation process.  Meaning, my students need to become more aware of the learning objectives, and if they are mastering the concepts.  I am going to use the checklist the same way I'm using the labels in my plan book, and have students mark the date the concept is introduced.  I also plan to have them add the statement to the top page in their notebook.   Since they already have a table of contents, I don't need the page number on the checklist, but you could certainly have students add it there instead of the date.

The last part of the pack is Common Core Posters.  I made these in basic black and white to save ink.  To add a splash of color, I printed them on colored cardstock. I am going to put these on my objectives wall along with the vocabulary that goes with the unit we are working on.

If these are of interest to you, you can go {HERE} to my TpT store and pick them up.  Let me know how you plan to use them in your classroom!

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  1. Great thinking (and organizing) on creating a common core checklist!! I wanted to let you know that your blog has been nominated for a Liebster award! Please check out our blog to see the details - it is for new up and coming blogs :) Congrats!!


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