Favorite Pins for a Friday: July 12th

  I love The First Grade Parade and this fun linky party!  How fun to see what everyone is pinning!  I could waste my whole day on Pinterest and still miss so many good ideas!
  Here are a few of my favorites: Click on any of the picture to go to the original source.
This is just a ticket out the door.. with a spin.  The actual post is for a literature circles, but I thought the saying was different.  I'm going to make a classroom board and use this as the title.
I love the idea of "cell phone" partners.  It is a little more modern than that standard clock, and something fun for my middles at the beginning of the school year.
This one is from Ms. Howser.  I like the idea of having a quick overall plan for the week, before I go into the detail of my lesson planning.  I'm going to make copies of the above sheet and insert them into my planbook.
These are called hasselback potatoes, or my grandma used to call them Cowboy potatoes.  So easy and so good.  They are crispy like fries.  My kids love them!
Finally, can I share an OH MY!
This little picture
showed up on the Education pins boards early this week.  Oh My!  It's mine!  I've never seen that happen!  But people must be thinking about Algebra.
and with that.. my last pin which I have used before and just LOVE .. and the pin goes no where btw.

 So much fun!


  1. I have also pinned your first two ideas and plan to implement them in my class. I love the week preview.

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  2. I like the idea of just using the door for your "parking lot." I went into my new classroom yesterday for a while and was a bid disappointed in the lack of magnetic space (I do not have a whiteboard in the front of my room), and actual flat wall space. I have all of these weird nooks and crannies. Perhaps the door is the best place for me to do this. And quite simple at the same time.

  3. I like the lesson plans page!

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  4. I use partner clocks - but I think it is probably time to modernize the system :) - the cell phones are a great idea.


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