Critical Thinking with Order of Operations Review FREEBIE

Late last week I was able to finally start teaching math.  We always have so many things the first few weeks of school, it amazes me that it takes me almost a week before I can actually start teaching math concepts.  We had to set up our Interactive Math Notebooks, take baseline tests, go to assemblies, and well, just figure out what Middle School was all about.  I was able to begin a little of my Math Workshop concept using a launch, mini lesson, work time and reflection model.  It will be slow going for awhile.  I was also able to teach my smarties to play 31-Wonderful, and an Order of Operations Game.
This Order of Operations Game is quick and really reinforced critical math thinking.  I used dry erase boards and markers with my class so we could play more than one time.  I will bring this game back out again when we have work time within the workshop model as we work through our Expressions and Equations unit.
I put the directions and a center worksheet up in my TpT store as a FREEBIE.  You can find it {HERE} if you would like it for your classroom.  Please leave me a little love it you like it... My class sure did!  They came back during study hall to borrow dice to play with friends!
Sorry for the wonky pictures, but I had to show how they found the flash dice on my smartboard.

  That kicked the fun up to a higher notch! LOL
One of my bloggy Buddies Molly at Lucky to be in First hosts Fabulous Freebies on the Fifteenth of each month, so I'm also linking this post up there.  Stop by and visit her and see what other Freebies you can find.  Leave the people a little love if you find something great!

Enjoy your week!


  1. Of course I "ran" right over and downloaded this at TpT. Thanks for sharing. I know my kids will adore this!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I am very thankful first grade math is easy :) Not sure I could cut it in the big grades! Ha! Thanks for sharing the freebie! Hope you have a fab week, Michele!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Thanks for sharing. We will using order of operations soon and this will be perfect to include in my math workshop.

  4. This is a great game! I can't wait to share with my 5th graders! Anything with dice makes them happy!


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