September Swap: Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks from I'm Lovin Lit

Evening friends!  The weekend is ALMOST here.. ALMOST.  I've been so excited all week for this post.  A few of my bloggy friends and I are teaming up today to review a product that we love.  My friend, Erin and I got to swap products.  Today I want to share with you a review of  Erin's Interactive Literacy Notebook.
Erin blogs over at I'm Lovin' Lit, and people if you haven't heard, she is FABULOUS!  I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to get to know her over this past year, and getting to review one of her products.. such an opportunity!

I have been using an Interactive Notebook for Reading for quite awhile in my classroom.  Mostly it is used with Literature Circles,  and although I know my students have better comprehension through using them, I have always felt like they were a hodgepodge of information.  I could never really get the skills organized the way I wanted them.  When I discovered Erin's product, I knew she had found the organization for me!  Erin teaches middle school too.  So I know she gets it when it comes to the age level of my students.  This Interactive Notebook is so put together.  Erin included so many skills that my students need, and with the foldables included, it is exactly the shot in the arm that MY notebooks needed.  My Smarties L-O-V-E it!

Earlier this week we started learning about the jobs that will be included with our lit circles, and I review basic story vocabulary.  Erin had the perfect lesson for this:

Within the lesson not only does she provide step by step instructions, she also provides you with Technology/Resources.  Many are Youtube videos that fit the lessons.  How cool is that!  It was so helpful because I was able to QUICKLY review basic story elements, with an easy story about Red Riding Hood, and make the lesson interactive with the foldable.. ONE and DONE!  ONE resource, ONE video story.. ONE foldable.. ONE 42 minute period.  It was really so resourceful!
The next day we took the same story vocabulary and applied it to our Chris Van Allsburg book:  The Stranger.  Have you read this?  Awesome fall book about Jack Frost.
What I loved is that I was able to scaffold the activity from her basics with Red Riding Hood to The Stranger, where there isn't a "person" as an antagonist.  The conflict is Man vs Self because The Stranger has lost his memory.  A perfect setup for further lessons on conflict in the next few weeks.

Already she has made my wheels turn about substituting her Plot Pyramid for some of the Passage Master jobs in our Lit groups.. just to change it up a bit.  I know it will keep my kiddos enjoying the book because it isn't monotonous.

Erin's Literature Notebook includes resources for Elements of Plot, Conflict, Story Devices, Character Traits, Mood and Tone, Figurative Language and Genres.  I can't wait to use these foldables and lessons as my class delves into our novels this year.  I know I feel more structured and organized already!  What I really like about the product overall is that she provides you with both a PDF and Powerpoint of the foldables.  I can easily differentiate for what I need, including adding the actual title of the novel WE are using.  L-O-V-E!

Another great tip as you run over and purchase this product of Erin's.. BIND it!  This was a fabulous tip that Erin actually shared in a blog post.  When she purchases larger products, she has them bound like a spiral notebook.  I wanted to give it a try after reading her suggestion, and again, I must say
genius!  I can post-it note a page in the book that I want to use in my lesson and not fear that I'm losing the page in a binder.  EASY PEASY.. plus as I mentioned, Erin's foldables come in PDF and Powerpoint in the product, so I can tweak what I need for my class, including differentiating the foldable for my inclusion students or providing a completed project for students who were absent for the lesson.

Thanks for visiting with me today!  You can see the rest of the awesome products that were involved in the swap below.  I know I have a full cart at the moment.  These ladies are an incredible bunch!


  1. What a great idea! Are you doing this again in October?

  2. OMG! Never thought to bind the file, that makes so much sense, like "duh" with a forehead slap, lol.

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