Mathematical Monday... Starting our Ratios Unit

Today we started our unit on Ratios and Rates  This is a pretty big concept for my class. I think it represents close to 40% of the questions on our state assessment, so we will be under I little extra pressure for mastery of these topics.  I'm linking up with Jessica over at
I {heart} Recess for Mathematical Monday.
I start every one of my units off with a little vocabulary and a few foldables for our interactive math notebooks.  Here is a snapshot of some that I'm using for this unit.

I'm trying to incorporate a little sports into our work.  Basketball is in full swing and everyone is gearing up for baseball preseason workouts here.
A few other items that I'm using sets of Ratio and Rate Task Cards.  I made a set to practice word problems.  These are more like our constructive response questions where you have to show work in your response.  You can check them out {HERE} if you would like.
I use them in review, usually printing two per page and have my students rotate through centers for practice.  i also made a set of Ratio and Rate multiple choice cards.  We found through our data analysis that our students were having trouble with multiple choice questions, so I made a set of 40 cards that cover ratios and rates with varying degree of difficulty.  You can check them out {HERE} if you would like.
I'll be using these in our interactive notebooks.  I'm guessing you have also heard about the big TpT sale that is going on Thursday and Friday this week.  My store will be part of the sale.  Everything will be on sale!  By using the code TPT3 you can get an extra 10% so you can add those ratios products to your wishlist and get them at a steal at the end of the week!
I'm linking up with a few other awesome bloggers and sellers.  Check them out!

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  1. 40% of the state test...UGH! Ours is in April and I just don't feel like I have enough time. The stress has started to set in! Crazy!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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