Multiple Choice Task Cards for Algebra and for Whole Number Operations

A few weeks ago we had a grade level data team meeting to discuss some results that were seen on our state assessments from last year.  Surprisingly, we found our students scored lower in the area of multiple choice questions than in constructive response.  Specifically, we found the questions in Expressions and Equations were difficult for them.  I'm thinking part of this is because it is the first unit that we do in the fall, and students tend to forget the little ins and outs that can easily be skipped on multiple choice questions.  I made a set of task cards for my smarties to start practicing this type of question.  I tell them they are looking to Beat the Multiple Choice Menace.  

I'm going to bring these cards our during out Core Lab time.  Basically this is the last period of our day when chorus or band meets.  Between A and B days I will see a majority of my students for a little extra practice over the next 6 week before we take our state assessment.

 I am going to have my students put the cards into their Interactive Notebooks so they can review them throughout the spring.

My plan is to have students work through the cards 4 at a time two or three times a week.  I'm also working on a set of cards about Ratios and Rate that I can mix in.  If you teach 6th or 7th grade, these cards might help your students.  You can find them {HERE}.  There are 48 in all.
If you happen to teach grades 3-5 I have also created a set for whole number operations that include question distractors.

 I'm going to throw these in the mix as well.  I think the distractors are important not only in the QUESTIONS, but in the multiple choice ANSWERS as well.  There are 32 of these.  You can check them out {HERE} if you are interested.

I"m linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It Edition.  I didn't really make anything for my home this month. I'm still cleaning out after Christmas, but I've been focusing in math on the task cards for school.

Have a great day!  Stop by and visit Tara and see what everyone has made!


  1. Just checking in to see what the upper grades are doing. Great idea to help students.

  2. I was just checking out what the upper grades are doing. This should help students in testing situations.

  3. I feel like everyone is trying to squeeze in as much as they can with our state testing looming over all of our heads! Eeek! Best of luck, your task cards look wonderful!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. I like your reflective thinking and actually not as surprised that they didn't do as well on the multiple choice questions. Our kids are too quick when answering these questions, and always pick the first answer they "think" is right, without checking all the choices. Or they misread the question because they're not being careful. This drives me CRAZY because I know a lot of times they know the answers!!! My kids like task cards too! Your kiddos will be excited!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  5. likey! I'm wondering if my 5th gifteds would be able to do these. What do you think???
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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