Happy Pi Day! Celebrating with a Sale

As a total Math Geek  Teacher, I love all things related to Pi.. even Pie itself.. can't you tell from my mini me!
I am so disappointed that circles are no longer part of our Common Core State Standards for 6th grade.  I used to love teaching circumference and diameter.  We had to do sector of circle which was SOOO difficult for my Smarties, but friends, it was FUN!  I incorporated March Madness and we found shot percentages for our favorite teams that made the tournament.  On Pi day we memorized digits, made Pi day t-shirts, and practiced measuring a variety of circles. It was such a great week of activities.  Now, with our state assessment coming up in a few weeks, I don't have time to take a week for these activities.  THAT is so frustrating!  We were incorporating real world math! 
ANyhoo.. off my soap box!  I'm still celebrating with a little Basketball Madness as my Cuse start the ACC tournament, and of course, I'm going to have PIE with my dinner tonight.
I also put all the math products in my TpT store on sale today only at 20% off.. including my Algebra Bundle.. which is a STEAL!  $26.00 worth of products for $16.00!
Thanks AMC!

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