Mother's Day Books and Projects

Mother's Day is fast approaching!  I love to find fun ways for my students to celebrate the special women in their lives that love and support them.  Today I'm going to share a list of books I'm going to display in my classroom about mother's and families.  We are going to use the books to complete our Mother's Day Craftivity.  I can't wait for the week to begin!

I'll be honest, because as much as I would like to pretend I'm Belle with a vast library at my disposal, my own children would also like to eat more than cereal for dinner, and I don't own every single one of these books.  Some of them came from my school library, others are from my local library. I did link them to Amazon through my affiliate link, so that you can read more about the books. But really friends, check out your local library!

Here are a few from some of my favorite authors:

My students are also working on this fun Mother's Day Craftivity for their moms, grandma's or any woman that has been special in their lives.  I love the thoughts they are putting into each petal of the flower.  We have come up with some amazing character trait words through reading some of the Mother's Day books mentioned above, and I love to hear the stories they tell about their mothers and grandmothers.  Some are so funny, and I'm sure their parent would die if they ever knew I knew. Here are a few pictures of my completed model.  You can go {HERE} if you are interested in the project.

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