2.5 weeks and counting and Daily 5

I can't believe I have about 2.5 weeks to go before school begins! We don't start school until after Labor Day and I am not able to get into my classroom until the day the teacher's report!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!  They have had to do a lot of rewiring in our building this year, remove asbestos and replace my carpet which I think has been on the floor since like 1975.  Needless to say I am super worried about being prepared for my sixth grade friends.  I am making a list of items I can complete before I get there, but the list is LONG.  Miles and miles LONG.  I haven't even started on my planbook, let alone worked on actual PLANning.  Pinterest has kept me plenty busy and starting this blog and reading others is giving me great ideas.. I just need to organize them and put them in motion!!  One thing I have been thinking about is the Daily 5.  I re-read this great book over the summer, and I think I am ready to head back into the trenches and work this program.  A bit modified, but the general concept will be there.  First off, I'm going to focus on 4 instead of 5.  I took out Listening at the moment.  I'm not equipped for the kids to do this, plus as sixth graders, it is difficult to work through.  I have a few ideas, but haven't thought through them enough to implement that part.

Over the last week or so I made these Daily 5 bookmarks.  I found the idea from Mrs. Randalls' Learning Library.  I used her printable and modified it to make my own bookmarks. 

 I'm going to also have a bucket to put them in and have the kids choose a bookmark to work through the Daily "4".  I'm still going to work each section individually the first few weeks to build stamina. But as I get going, I am hoping these bookmarks will give my class a little flexibility.

Will you comment and share with me?  How do you find Daily 5 to work in your classroom?  If you teach an upper grade level, how much time do you get per day for reading?  We only have 84 minutes, very little time for A LOT of information.
Thank you for sharing.



  1. Eeek, so sorry you can't get into your room yet! I definitely know how that feels! I will be using Daily 5 for the first time ever this year, so I'll have to come back later and share how it is going! And cute bookmarks! :)

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    1. I would love that-- Thanks. It always makes something new easier when it is new for someone else too :) Thank you also for following me. I appreciate your help as a "newbie."

  2. Hi Michele! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. Fiction Friday has been so much fun for me this summer. I hope you have been able to find some good book recommendations from either myself or any of the other wonderful teachers that linked up. I'd love to have you link up too. Chapter 10 Linky is open until the end of August. :)

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  3. Hey Michele,

    I have posted a bit on how i worked the Daily 5 in my 5/6 combined classroom last year. One way to do Listen to Reading that I've heard is to do it all together with an audiobook. So that's an idea.

    Anyways, come check out my Daily 5 posts :)

    It starts here: http://bushelofstudents.blogspot.ca/2012/02/daily-5.html

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  4. Thanks for the idea. I do have the kids listen to the audio of the basal we have to use sometimes. I only use it for nonfiction stories. Our school has a set of itouch's but I can't sign them out long enough to work a whole rotation I don't think. I hope we can keep sharing throughout the school year!



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